5 EdTech Apps We Like for Education via Product Hunt

When it comes to edtech apps I have a confession...I’m addicted to Product Hunt. Everyday there are a ton of great products that are added to their site. I love exploring and voting and chatting.

I thought it would be fun to pick the 5 best education products that I have “voted up” and love on Product Hunt.

5 EdTech Apps We Like for Education via Product Hunt

Here’s the 5 EdTech Apps that I am personally loving at the moment.

I know that there are a ton of new and great edtech tools that hit the market each month. But I wanted to shed some light on a few companies I think are doing a great job of creating innovative tools for education in 2016. They range from data to wooden blocks so enjoy the diversity!

1. Panorama Education

Panorama Education creates great "surveys, case studies, and videos that help you use perception data in your classroom, school, or district".  The folks at Panorama are working with over 6500 schools and are collecting a ton a useful data. They've got a great product!

2. NameCheap for Education

The team at Namecheap had a great idea. Why not help students create an online presences. To do that, Namecheap is giving students a free bundle to kickstart their online presence.


Play and create interactive lessons, quizzes and games.

4. Magik Play

I seriously love what these folks are doing. They are merging real wooden toys with the iPad.
They are the "World’s first iPad™ game, that merges real wooden toys with kids educational apps."

5. TinyTap

Play and create interactive lessons, quizzes and games.


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Matt Phillip Senior Marketing Manager at Thrivist, LLC