How to get started with Blended Learning

Step 1: Recognize the needs of your teachers

The decision to adopt a new teaching approach is both exciting and angst inducing. Blended learning offers a new way to reach students, so it makes sense that districts want to harness it's potential. As school districts explore the possibilities of blended learning they are also faced with challanges and obstacles that must be acknowledged and planned for. If you are thinking about how to get started with blended learning, this 7 part blog series will explore the step you should consider as you adopt this new methodology.

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4 tips for implementing blended learning

Helpful ideas you should consider when adopting a blended learning model

There are many different approaches and paths to take when beginning to implement a blended learning environment in your school or district. Here are four things you can do in order to set yourself up for a smooth and streamlined transition. 

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The benefits of a learning record store

The benefits of an LRS are many. We'll spotlight six to whet your appetites. 

A Learning Record Store is (say it with us now) a place to store, sort and share all kinds of learning data. 

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This Week in Education

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What's Happening in Education this Week:


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Weekly Wrap Up: Week in review

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