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The Blended Learning Puzzle: Having all the pieces to make it work


The decision to adopt a new teaching approach can be both exciting and angst inducing. Blended learning offers a new way to reach students, so it makes sense that districts want to harness its potential.  While many school districts are exploring the possibilities of blended learning, they are also faced with challenges that must be acknowledged and planned for at the onset. Beginning a new initiative requires having all the pieces of the puzzle in order for it to have a meaningful impact on not only the students but the teachers as well.

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No April Fools Here: Week in Review

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Let the March Madness Begin

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It’s About the Student Not the Technology

With so much discussion about 21st Century learning goals, it is easy to shift focus to the technological advances and away from what really matters – the student.  As a technology company, we recognize that it’s not about us, it’s about the student. Helping students prepare for the 21st Century global economy does not mean just putting the latest technology fad in their hands.  Technology plays a role but only when its use promotes better learning outcomes.

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