What Gen Z learners expect from education

What do the learners of Generation Z demand of their education experince?

When school leaders and administrators begin to think about the needs of their students it's helpful to consider kind of experience your students will expect. 

The students of today, Generation Z, have vastly different expectations of their education than generations past. Different than the Millenials, their immediate predecessors. 

Let's look at some facts about Gen Z students and how you can use those facts as a filter to select the proper learning management system (LMS) for your school that best meets your students expectations.

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5 facts about Gen Z learners that educators need to know

Meet Generation Z students where they are, not where you think they should be

If we, as educators, are not adapting our curriculum and instruction to be in step with what our students expect, then we are performing a gross disservice to them.

In this post we'll look at 5 facts about Generation Z students and what they mean for teachers, administrators and other educational leaders.

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Are you prepared for ESSA?

ESSA begins to take effect in early 2017. Are you ready?

ESSA, or Every Student Succeeds Act, the long awaited successor to No Child Left Behind will start to take effect at the beginning of this coming year. 

A major focal point of the new law is on formative, rather than summative assessments. 

This can cause a major shift in the instructional models schools are using and the way districts have set up their curriculum.

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Questions to consider as you transition from NCLB to ESSA


Ease your transition from NCLB to ESSA by thinking through these questions

The pending switch from NCLB to ESSA is coming soon. ESSA will "soft-launch" at the beginning of 2017 and won't be fulling implemented until the start of the 2017-18 school year. 

Seems like an enternity away, but it's not. 

So while you've got some time on your hands it's helpful to think through how your district and/or school will handle the upcoming transition to ESSA

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Distributed Learning for K12 Part 5: Take Action

In this brief blog series we'll be discussing the concept of Distributed Learning. What it is, the impact it has on K12 education, best practices for use in your school/district and other useful tips and tricks. Before diving into this post it might prove helpful to start at the beginning. Read part 1part 2,  part 3 and part 4

This is it. You've reached the end. The rubber will now meet the road.  

You're reading this because you've taken the time to determine your priorities, collect the relevant data and then analyze it.

You've either taken all those steps or you are going to. We're certain of it :)

Now comes the hard part... Or is it the easy part?

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