The benefits of a learning record store

The benefits of an LRS are many. We'll spotlight six to whet your appetites. 

A Learning Record Store is (say it with us now) a place to store, sort and share all kinds of learning data. 

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There are numerous benefits that an LRS provides. We'll take a look at six of them. 

  1. Flexibility - an LRS can work within your existing LMS platform or it can be a standalone system. The beauty of this is you won't have to deal with the hassle of switching your technology to accomodate the LRS. 
  2. Better data collection - because the LRS uses learning specifications like Caliper and xAPI, not only can you collect data inside the learning envrionment, you can collect data from outside it as well. Put another way, you can now collect data on your learners formal and informal learning experiences. Which allows you to...
  3. Know your learners - roughly 10% of all learning takes place in a formal learning environment (i.e. the classroom). That means up to 90% of all learning takes place informally. Being able to a large portion of that 90% will allow you to understand your learners preferences, styles, and patterns. Understanding that gives you the ability to finally...
  4. Personalize learning - you read that right. Now that you understand your learners at a deeper level you can curate content that fits their learning styles best. Customize learning paths for them and adapt them as time goes on and your understanding of their learning patterns increases. 
  5. Accessible data - Learning Record Stores are inherintely open, meaning you have the ability to share learning data about your learners with those that need to see it whenever and wherever you are. Fellow teachers, distrcit administrators and stakeholders and parents of your learners can all be kept up to date at a moment's notice. 
  6. Provide just-in-time assistance - finally, because the LRS makes the learning data accessible you are able to provide your learners with the help they need exactly when they need it. Not at the end of the semester, not at the end of the quarter. Right now.

We've heard from teachers and administrators that a fully featured LMS that is able to collect learning data from disparate sources into one place is "impossible". 

With technology like the LRS and new learning specification like Calipar and xAPI the impossible has now become possible. 

What exactly is an LRS?


Barbra Thoeming Director of Education Strategy at Thrivist, LLC