Capture informal learning data into your learning record store

3 ways to populate your learning record store with informal learning data.

Our friends at Watershed published a post earlier this week about different stratgies to collect data from learners distributed learning activities. 

That lead us to consider the different ways that K-12 educators, administrators and stakeholders could do likewise. 


  1. Use xAPI or Caliper. Not surprisingly, the method we would recommend using (it's also the easiest way) would be to utilize the power of xAPI or Caliper to collect data. You'll need to ensure that you are using an LMS that is compatible with at least one of those two learning specifications. 
  2. Use a connector. If you are using software that doesn't live inside your learning environment(s) and that you do not have control of then it's useful to use a connector, like Zapier. Connectors, allow you to pull data from the platform that is providing the learning activity and then send it to your Learning Record Store (similar to your SIS... only better). 
  3. Observation. We're a fan of observing learners activities, both students and teachers, to determine if what you are doing is effective. Observing learners in a physical classroom or online is an essential part of the feedback loop to ensure that your curriculum, instruction, professional development etc. is the best it can be. 

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If you want to learn more about how to collect your learners informal learning data, how to understand them as individuals better and how to personalize learning for them...

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Matt Phillip Senior Marketing Manager at Thrivist, LLC