The Early adopters of learning analytics


 Business and higher education are using big data tactics to improve outcomes. Can K-12 leverage Learning Analytics to do the same?

The new class of software that perfectly compliments an LMS called a Learning Record Stores (LRS) is starting to take hold in the business and higher ed spheres. Why? Because an LRS is a learning data warehouse of sorts that let's us employ cutting edge learning analytics to inform everything from learner profiles to new learning models.

lrs early adopters

Because of the efforts of pioneers like Watershed and Yet Analytics some of the companies and universities that have adopted this revolutionary technology are:

  • Nike
  • The University of Iowa (Go Hawks!)
  • The Learning Accelerator 
  • Xerox
  • The Univeristy of San Diego
  • AT&T
  • The University of Ottawa

Not exactly small players. And that's the point. These institutions are benefitting from actual learning analytics. But, it all starts with an LRS (our LRS also accepts IMS Caliper statements). 

The use of an LRS is not confined to business and higher education. Large companies and universities are seeing the value of this technology and the benefits it brings. 

With adoption of this new class of software taking place in higher education and among coporates it's time that K-12 education did the same. 

What exactly is an LRS?


Matt Phillip Senior Marketing Manager at Thrivist, LLC