Warning! Are You Sabotaging Your Students?


We are shortchanging our students by choosing education technology that keeps the existing status quo. We should, instead, implement solutions that possess the greatest benefit to the students and teachers.

 education technology success

(As an aside: I like that quote because it perfectly contrasts the culture of our education system with other industries where innovation takes place on a regular basis. It's pretty embarrassing.)

I came across this excellent article on EdWeek by Benjamin Herold just a few hours ago. The headline clearly caught my attention mainly because it seemed so non-sensical to me.

And the money quote? “The more effective the tool, the smaller the scale at which it was adopted, and vice versa.”

My head hurts.

Why exactly are we consciously choosing education technology solutions that maintain what so many agree is a broken system?

Who benefits from that? It surely isn’t the students. The very audience we all claim to be trying to help.

As most everyone knows, technology has immense power to disrupt existing industries and education is, and should be, no different. Yet education is famous for it’s inability (and sometimes outright refusal) to change.

And I think I understand why. Rethinking an entire industry is radically difficult work. Discovering and sometimes using technology that reveals existing flaws and, at times, shines a spotlight on those flaws isn't pleasant. 

It. Is. Hard.

That's above our pay grade. Not our problem. It's a task for something with more experience or clout in the industry.

So, we accept the status quo, cover our ears, close our eyes and make it somebody else’s problem.

This type of backwards thinking can not be tolerated. Education solutions (especially education technology solutions) should be selected because they have been proven to benefit the students.

Not because they allow us to kick the can down the road and avoid hard questions.