Educator…Create Your Own Shark Tank!

Back in March, educator Molly Levitt of EdSurge wrote a great post titled, Teachers, Ideas and Mark Cuban: Adapting 'Shark Tanks' In Your School.

I loved the post! In fact, I tweeted about it. (I guess that's love these days)

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Apparently at the CUE National Conference six teachers jumped up in front of everyone and pitched their idea for the edtech in the classroom…Shark Tank style. 

Educator Create Your Own Shark Tank

Now most folks would have been scared to death!

But it looks like $2500 was awarded to the winner of the 6 pitches…so that will calm the nerves a bit.

Now why is this such a big deal?

Why should anyone care about 6 teachers pitching their ideas for edtech in the classroom?

Well…I don’t know about you but I’m seeing an interesting trend in edtech right now.

It’s a movement that could potentially change the industry.

Earlier this week I wrote a post titled, EdTech Through the Eyes of Your Students.

In it I said, “There’s a new era of edtech that’s approaching.”.

That “new era” I was referring to includes this next level of student/teacher communication and inclusion within edtech.

And this “movement” I’m seeing is full of excitement and it’s being led by educators!

Educators are leading this charge into the next wave of edtech.

Image for a sec…

Six educators nervously standing in front of hundreds of people. 

Six educators with a dream and an idea that could possibly change the classroom forever.

What would have happened if these educators were never given an opportunity to speak?

What if their idea stayed in their heart but never made it to the classroom?

Those 6 ideas would probably never be given a voice and a platform.

And…we would never be able to evaluate “whether it was innovative, relevant and replicable.”

It takes a team of innovators, educators, visionaries, idea people, real practitioners to successfully build an edtech solution that really supports the learner.

Not to toot our own horn but that’s the culture we’ve built here at Thrivist. We want to help learners Thrive and that happens when we all work together.

This is the kind of culture we want to pass down to the students.

Pretty soon they will be the ones who will take edtech to an even more awesome level.


If you’re an educator…

Take a few minutes to ask yourself how you can help foster a “Shark Tank” mentality in your environment.

And go check out Levitt’s post on EdSurge. She has great tips for creating your own Shark Tank culture.


Matt Phillip Senior Marketing Manager at Thrivist, LLC