How ESSA supports personalized learning

What is the link between ESSA and personalized learning?

essa and personalized learning

A while back we came across a great webinar put out by the good people at iNACOL about the link between ESSA and personalized learning. Obviously we were keen to check out how the new education law would support the increased personalization of learning.

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Here’s what we found out:

  • One of the main goals of ESSA is to establish and test new resources and replicate proven strategies that can increase opportunity and improve outcomes for students.
  • Redesigning all assessments around student-centered learning. The correlation here is quote obvious. By aligning assessment around the students and because every student learns differently this will force teachers and administrators to personalize learning.
  • With the new grants put into place (read more about those here) more funds there is $1.6 billion available to districts on an annual basis through 2020. A robust 60% can be used on effective edtech. More funds available for edtech adoption and implementation means more opportunities to personalize learning for students, enriching their chances of success.
  • States can now choose their own Learning Standards instead of relying on federally mandated standards. With this flexibility states and districts will be able to personalize learning specifically for students in their state and district and will (hopefully) take into account any local community and environmental factors when building their standards.
  • ESSA also emphasizes ongoing PD for teachers to support the adoption of blended learning. As teachers get more familiar and comfortable with blended learning this can only mean increased effectiveness when personalizing learning for their students.

More and more institutions and organizations are realizing that personalized learning is the future of learning. With the passage of ESSA, personalized learning should be adopted at a much quicker rate.

It is a much needed win for our students and teachers.

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