Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is a time greeted by celebrations of friends and family.  It is the season of giving thanks for the people in our lives and the things we hold dear.


At Thrivist, we wanted to embrace this sentiment by giving thanks to our team, our clients, and the many people that help us innovate the way education is delivered.

We are grateful for our team who work hard all year around to manage our business.  Without these people, we wouldn't be where we are and we wouldn't be as happy and successful in doing what we love.

To our clients, we are thankful that you have chosen us as your partner in transforming education.  We are grateful to be on this journey with you and value your dedication, your feedback, and helping us build a better platform for education. Thank you!


Take a look at what some of our folks at Thrivist are thankful for.  

"I'm thankful for the team at Thrivist that is eager to serve K-12."

Andrew McGarrity
President & CEO | Thrivist
“I am thankful for all the usual things people list—friends, family, health, career, but I am thankful daily for the smallest things, as well.  Every day as we interact with one another and experience just a small peek into one another’s lives, we are reminded that things can always be worse or we are given the hope that things can always be get better.  Either way, we are reminded that we should be grateful.  The highs make the lows seem far away, and the lows make the highs so much better.
I’m also extremely thankful for my personal assistant and dog, Gracie.  She makes me keep my priorities in order with what is most important in life—a good meal, lots of long walks and spending time with the ones you love most.  Be grateful and have a great Thanksgiving holiday, everyone.”
Doug Smith
Project Manager 
Implementation Department | Thrivist

"I am thankful for healthly family and great friends."

Tina Parker
Operations Manager 

"I’m thankful to experience the absolute joy of being a mother.  I am thankful to work with a world-class team and to be able to work with some of my favorite people once again!"  and "I am thankful for excellent pilots and good weather!"

Wendy Oliver, Ed.D.
Chief Learning Officer

"I am thankful for the loving people in my life and their endless support."

Casey Crook
Technical Writer

"This Thanksgiving as well as everyday, I am thankful for the people (and pets) in my life that I love. Being surrounded by thoughtful, kind, and loving people in my professional and personal life is something I am grateful for and do not take for granted. Thank you team, thank you family, and thank you friends.  Oh, and I am thankful for coffee - the world is a better place each morning because of coffee!"

Barbra Thoeming
Executive Director of Education Strategy
Learning Department | Thrivist
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Barbra Thoeming Director of Education Strategy at Thrivist, LLC