Why K-12 Needs More than Just an LMS

Whoa, cool. An LMS!

Yeah, an LMS manages students, assisgnments, grades and even syncs with a districts Student Information System (SIS). But, there's one thing missing..., uhhh, CONTENT!!! That's right, an LMS has awesome features and functionality, but it has no content. It's an empty bucket so to speak.

Now, wouldn't it be nice for to order your content from your district's preferred publisher and it magically wind up in your LMS ready for students to experience? After all, you're tired of wrangeling publisher content. Is it in the right format? Does it conform to the right standards? Or is the publiser going to charge me more for the format that works with other systems? Surely it's interoperatble, you think to yourself. Then cold, hard reality hits... the content is locked in some hard-to-access system built in 1992.

Thrivist, by Tennessee Book Company solves this problem. We take your order, work with the publisher, and POOF, it's in Thrivist's LMS ready to be a productive part of your digital initiative. We take care of it all, Soups-to-Nuts.



Andrew McGarrity Founder and CEO of Thrivist, LLC