Interoperability in an LMS is more crucial than ever before

Learning management system (LMS) must be interoperable with third party tools and apps

With the ever increasing amount of digital learning tools available to our teachers and administrators it has becomes more unlikely that one single vendor will supply all the needs of one school or district. 

This should not be read as a slight against edtech vendors. It is the reality we live in. There are simply too many useful and effective tools out there. 

This current environment then, necessitates the need for the learning management systems of today and tomorrow to be able to work with myriad third party tools, platforms and applications.

The technical term for this type of workflow is called Learning Tool Interoperability. LTI for short. 


Essentially LTI is a standardized way for learning management systems to "talk with", or pass data to and from, other external tools. These external tools are stored outside of the learning management system. 

So, we've now got a standardized way for our learning mangement systems to connect with the thousands of external educational tools available today... 

Why is this important?

No Limits 

Learning management systems built with LTI allows the teachers and district administrators to push past old paradigms.

The beauty of this interoperability is that teachers can find and adopt tools they know to be effective and easily integrate them into their learning management system.

They can go beyond of walls of their school or district and use proven, effective tools recommended from colleagues across the country or ones that they come across while researching online.

Interoperability = Personalization

Teachers can take greater control over the make up of their courses by customizing the content. They can pick and choose tools they prefer and integrate them seamlessly into the learning management system.

As time goes on and more learning data gets collected on their students, teachers and administrators can begin to personalize each student's experience by providing tools that best fit their learning styles and habits.

All your learning pieces in one place

Adopting an LMS that is LTI compliant allows you to connect it to your student information system (SIS). More importantly you will be able to bring all of your content, learning tools and applications into one solution. 

No more jumping from tool to tool, app to app. You will have everything you need to deliver instruction in a single platform.

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Barbra Thoeming Director of Education Strategy at Thrivist, LLC