What is a Learning Record Store?

What is a learning record store and how will it help educators?

As a quick refresher a learning record store (LRS) is a place to store, sort and share data about someone’s learning experience.

This concept has caught on quite well in the corporate world from outstanding and innovative companies like Learning Locker in the UK and Watershed right here in Tennessee.

Watershed and Learning Locker (and a few others) provide companies with place to view data that will determine the effectiveness of various training programs these companies put their employees through.

Think hiring and training a batch of new employees. Or perhaps the company is preparing to launch a new product and has to train all their employees on the new product prior to launch.

The Learning Record Store gives companies the ability to store data on that training for every employee. Companies can then drill down into the data and sort it in a number of ways.

Once the data is sorted - the data can then be shared with comprehensive reports to give the companies the ability to make decisions based on real data.

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This is exciting for the corporate world… but, in our opinion, even more so for K12 education.

learning record store

An LRS will collect and store the learning experiences of every school’s learner. This will give teachers, administrators and stakeholders the ability to adapt the learning experiences of each learner to their preferred style.

In other words...personalized learning.

The LRS can be a standalone product or it can live inside an institution's learning management system (LMS) and work within it’s capabilities.

This will allow students, teachers and administrators the ability to access their own data anytime and anywhere for their own personal use. Meaning, they can use their educational data to help them apply to college or for a job.

With the use of a learning record store the applications of big data in education are seemingly endless.

At Thrivist we are working to pioneer this idea into K-12 education. If you’re interested in hearing more about what we’re up to... Get in touch with us


Matt Phillip Senior Marketing Manager at Thrivist, LLC