What tools are working best in our classrooms?

Teachers are using a lot of tools to deliver instruction. It's time we made sense of it all using learning analytics. 


Technology has made it possible for institutions to deliver instruction in all kinds of ways. The data generated by these learning tools could provide profound insights to improve outcomes. 

This is particularly true for K-12 schools and districts. Thrivist is collecting vast amounts of data on what takes place throughout the learning experience -- both online and offline. This, in turn, can give us a rounder idea of how each individual learner can be better served. 

Why aren't more edtech companies thinking this way? Many companies have paid lip service to the idea of analytics and personalization. But, it takes data, a lot of data to even have a chance at accomplishing either of the two. As we begin to connect learning data (contextualized by learner input) to outcomes, I anticipate many interesting models will follow.

If you've read this blog for any amount of time at all you'll be familiar with some of these companies using data to fuel conversations around efficacy:

These companies have made a tremendous amount of progress in understanding how learning is impacting performance in the corporate L&D space. They are collecting learning data and then helping clients connect it to businesses outcomes for sizable coporations around the world.

Isn't time we do the same for K-12 education?

Imagine this...

You're a principal of a Title I school and you're currently using a number of tools and apps to improve instruction in your school (platforms like, YouTube, Khan Academy, Tenmarks Math and USA test prep to name a few).

You've got all these tools but you've got very little insight into whether these tools are actually helping all of your students. For example, you can't find out the ROI of a given tool because accessing the data in each individual tool is incredibly time consuming. 

You need a way to measure the learning experiences of all your students, across all the tools you're using in your building. 

What if you could do that?

What if there was a solution that allowed you to store and access all of your learning data in one place? What if that data empowered you and your staff to make decisions? To personalize learning? To provide timely help to at-risk students? 

Would it help you? 


Andrew McGarrity Founder and CEO of Thrivist, LLC