Moving Ahead in 2017

New Year, New Technology

A new year always welcomes us with the promise of new opportunities, a chance for change, and the ability to begin anew.

Teachers beginning a new year might begin with reflection. What is working with students, or what could be changed to engage students more? These are common questions that  teachers ponder continuously as well as at the beginning of a new year or semester. A teacher might discover that the answer doesn't lie in her methodology but in the tools available.  


So, what if the barrier is lack of technology?

Technology has been infused into almost every aspect of our lives. However, many classrooms lack the technology that is commonly available in our homes and on our phones.  Students are accustomed to interacting with technology. In fact, a recent study by Kelly Wallace of CNN, found that young people ages 8 to 18 spend almost nine hours per day engaging with media technology for their enjoyment. 


Understanding that these age groups are drawn to and enjoy interacting with this medium should give us better insight into engaging the Generation Z student.  However, most schools are not equipped with the training or technology to implement programs that promote learning in a way that appeals to this generation. 


The challenge for schools is to find the right technology, software, and professional development to propel learning beyond the school day that is meaningful to students. Students should be engaged with learning continuously not just in the classroom.


At Thrivist, we want to help schools reach the goal of lifelong actively, engaged  learning.  That's why we created platforms that work for the students of today, and partnered with companies that understand the importance of this work as well.

When planning your next technological move, consider the following:


  • Blended Practice Profile

Building an ecosystem of learning



The Curve LMS and Breakthrough Analytics is student centric and data driven. Thrivist understands the importance of Critical Thinking, Communication and Collaboration. Our platform is designed to enhance those key elements of learning.We set out to meet the needs of K12 specifically because we understand that learning happens differently in the traditional classroom.  

Blended Practice Profile is an assessment tool used to gauge a teacher's understanding and application of blended learning. Our personalized assessment is built upon a research-backed framework and aligned to national standards.

Xperience Education, our partner in education, takes the information from the Blended Practice Profile and creates a professional development experience tailored to your  teachers.

Try something new designed with you in mind:

With so many choices today, it is important to choose the best technology for your school, teachers, and students. Let us know how we can help you today!


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Barbra Thoeming Director of Education Strategy at Thrivist, LLC