Questions to consider as you transition from NCLB to ESSA


Ease your transition from NCLB to ESSA by thinking through these questions

The pending switch from NCLB to ESSA is coming soon. ESSA will "soft-launch" at the beginning of 2017 and won't be fulling implemented until the start of the 2017-18 school year. 

Seems like an enternity away, but it's not. 

So while you've got some time on your hands it's helpful to think through how your district and/or school will handle the upcoming transition to ESSA

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Formative to Summative

A major component of the new education law is the decreased emphasis on summative assessments and the increased importance placed on formative assessments.

Stated another way, instead of focusing on the "final product" (i.e. student grades, test scores) teachers, school, and district leaders are tasked with "improving the product" by assessing their students on a more frequent basis.

This will not always be done via tests. Teachers can gauge student comprehension via content and assignments such as journal entries, minute essays, and Twitter boards. (More great examples here). 

Question: What about your curriculum and/or instructional model needs to change to align with one of the major goals of ESSA?


This is sort of piggy backing off of the above point. Becase ESSA is shifting the focus to formative assessments we need to ask ourselves how prepared our students are to take the next step in their educational journey. 

Formative assessments give teachers numerous measuring points to track a student's progress and comprehension of the material. Thus, they can "improve the product" or provide help to struggling students over the course of the year to ensure they are ready to move onto the next grade, graduate etc. 

Question: Given where you are, right now... Are you set up to prepare your students for the next step in their educational journey?

These two questions will get you started as you think through what the transition from NCLB to ESSA will look like at your school or district. But there is more where that came from.

If you want to learn more about how to ease the transition from NCLB to ESSA...

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