Are you an educator? Read these education blogs now.

Blogs. Education Blogs. Because, now, you’ve got (some) free time.

Earlier this week we gave you a short list of our favorite education focused podcasts.

We’ll assume you’ve devoured those already and are looking for something else to satiate your desire for more information.

Fear not! We’ve got our favorite education blogs that you should start reading now.


  • EdSurge: One of our favorites (obviously) as an ed tech company. In our minds, EdSurge is probably the most comprehensive ed tech site out there. They’ve got top notch coverage on all things education and technology and put out a great weekly newsletter.
  • Getting Smarter: A great resource covering all things ed tech, education leadership, and learning. Their EdTech10 blog series curates 10 ed tech related news stories from across the internet based on a theme or themes. Some examples include New Tools for Schools to explore for the Fall and What’s New in Math
  • Education Week: This is a website but we’re including it here because their multiple blogs would lengthen this list to a ridiculous level. EdWeek categorizes their blogs into different sections. Our favorites happen to be Politics & Policy (to stay current), Technology, Industry, and Innovation (duh), and In the Classroom (to re-focus on the teachers and students)
  • THEJournal: Focused on the K-12 market (yay!) THE Journal is committed to informing K-12 district and school administrators to improve the educational experience of their students and teachers through the use of technology.
  • Teacher Reboot Camp: Shelly Terrell is a powerhouse. She was named one of the 10 most influential people in ed tech last year and one of the top 50 ed tech bloggers by Edtech Magazine. With so much changing in education, her blog is a great way for teachers to get advice about and ideas for modern education

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Matt Phillip Senior Marketing Manager at Thrivist, LLC