Teaching our Educators

Education will never be the same.

It can’t.

With the digital tidal wave currently crashing down around them, educators are having to re-think and relearn how to educate the students of today.

And often they have to do this by themselves. We can (and should) change that.

Teaching Educators

Organizations like Future Ready Leaders are making some phenomenal strides towards creating on-going personalized professional development for today’s educators.

Ed tech companies can also help with teaching educators by providing support directly to the district as they transition from the sale through the implementation process. We can come alongside instructional coaches and tech leaders within each school/district to provide much needed guidance so the technology actually gets used.

As we know, lots of edtech out there does not get used.

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Why? Here are a few reasons:

  • Schools struggle to actually use the technology because of a lack of ongoing technical and implementation support
  • They can’t discern the main purpose of the technology or the data it gathers and the best-practices for get the most out of what they have
  • A lack of time to train staff, implement and use the new technology, analyze the results of the new technology and then take action on those results

If our schools districts are going to shell out six figure sums for supposedly “next-generation” technology then we, as edtech companies, need to provide ongoing training and teaching for the educators.

A few ways we can do that are:

  • Provide training on-site, if necessary, when the implementation process begins.
  • Provide on-going support on an as-needed basis with a few school/district leaders so they can become the technology experts with “boots on the ground”.
  • Provide subject matter experts (SME’s) who can help guide leaders through the technology, interpret any data that is gathered and finally help the district and school leaders act on that data.
  • Work with schools and districts to provide ongoing personalized professional development for the teachers and administrators.

Personalizing education for students is a good thing. Technology gives us a way to give each student the best chance at success. We must not forget that this process starts with our educators.

If our educators don't know how to use the technology we are offering them, then the train will never leave the station. Let's begin teaching educators and the rest will begin to fall into place.

At Thrivist, we've developed tools that give teachers the same personalized learning experiences that their students can receive. 

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