The 5 Best Articles on Experience API (xAPI)

Learning technology has lacked innovation for nearly a decade.
However, a new technology conceptualized by the US Department of Defense has emerged and promises huge leaps forward.

5 Best Articles on Experience API, xAPI

This new technology is called the Experience API (sometimes called Tin-Can API).

Here are my top 5 suggested reads on Experience API and why it matters - a lot!

    The creators of Experience API with the background and rationale behind it.
    Some great use cases for Experience API
    A good graphic video that provides an understanding of the progression from SCORM to Experience API
    Commonly asked questions surrounding Experience API
    Fantastic blog from one of the original thought leaders behind Experience API.

These reads will bring you up to speed and help you catch the vision for the exciting things ahead that are now possible.

And Thrivist is at the forefront of it all!


Matt Phillip Senior Marketing Manager at Thrivist, LLC