Thrivist and the Learning Record Store

Why Thrivist exists and how the Learning Record Store supports our mission

Today’s education market demands technology that is easy-to-use, intuitive, adapts to an individual’s learning style and creates actionable insights from the data collected.

Adaptive learning and actionable insights from data, we feel, are what is currently missing in education solutions today. There isn’t anyone in K-12 education working to solve those two problems.

Thrivist exists to solve those two problems.

One of our core values is: Learners Come First.

This core value leads us to the Learning Record Store.

We have seen and talked with educators who know the power of data and know that they need to be doing something with it. The problem is they don’t know where to start.

We’ll get more into this in future blog posts (like tomorrow’s) but for now here’s what you need to know: A Learning Record Store is a place to store, sort and share all kinds of data about one’s learning experience.

thrivist learning record store

How is this applicable in K-12 education?


Built with technology that can track activities both inside and outside your LMS, a learning record store (LRS) can now capture a learner’s formal and informal learning experiences. Giving a teacher or administrator a more complete picture of the learner.

With this complete picture of their learners teachers can now customize each learning experience for their learners - finally achieving true personalized learning.


The data that is collected in the LRS will also give stakeholders the answer to the question - is this working? Is the way we are teaching, the curriculum, the learning environment working for our learners?


The type of technology we at Thrivist used to build our LRS requires that the data collected is accessible by you. This means your data cannot be held hostage by your LMS provider or anyone but you.

This also means that, say, when you graduate high school, your educational data can be used by you in college and the professional world.

Whew! That was a lot! Let’s recap.

By implementing an LRS as a stand alone product or alongside an LMS you can now:

  • Truly personalize learning for each learner
  • Create learning paths that best suit each learner
  • Answer the question - is this working?
  • Access your data anytime and anywhere
  • Avoid vendor lock since you own your data and can take it with you

And this brings us back to that core value - Learners come first.

By collecting and storing data on a learner’s formal and informal learning experiences...

By giving administrators the power to sort through that data to see if what they are doing is working, then giving them the ability to change a student’s experience for the better

By allowing students, teachers, parents and administrators access to their own data whenever they need it and giving them the freedom to share their data with potential employers or secondary institutions...

The needs of the learner truly come first before anything else.

This isn’t being done in education, yet. But it will be and we’re happy to blaze the trail.