Avoid Vendor Lock with a Learning Record Store

Avoid vendor lock by using an LRS powered by the xAPI or Caliper learning specifications.

As our friends at Learning Locker have so perfectly stated, "each individual learner has the right to own and use data that is about their own performance." This notion of data ownership has implications for K-12 school districts as well. 

It's outrageous that districts are being charged to access what's theirs in the first place. Maybe we should start a political movement about data ownership (kidding, of course). Bottom line, vendors should not own your learning data -- you should!

This is not (or should not be) a radical concept among enterprise providers.  

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Giving districts anytime access to and control over the use of their learning data is, simply, the right thing to do. And, this great, granular, real-time data has the potential to impact K-12 education at many, many levels.  

If K-12 schools and districts are willing to harness the power a Learning Record Store (LRS) fueled by the xAPI/Caliper learning specifications, the control of learning data will be shifted from the vendors over to the learners and stakeholders. 

learning record store vendor lock

Benefits of an LRS fueled by xAPI & Caliper

How can K-12 learners and stakeholders benefit from an Learning Record Store powered by xAPI/Caliper?

  • Data collection
    • Using xAPI/Caliper Thrivist collects data statements in the form of "noun", "object", "verb" (think; "I did this" or "Jared learned that") so almost any learning activity imaginable can be collected. So rather than only collecting formal learning on an LMS (roughly 10%) a school/district can collect up to 80-90% of the learning data generated by each learner. 
  • Access to data
    • Learners and stakeholders can access learning data whenever they want, wherever they are. For free. The LRS is an inherently open piece of software meaning you can download, install and use it without having to pay a license fee and without being locked in. Groundbreaking...we know!
  • Personalized learning
    • True personalization takes data...lots of data. Being able to collect data when and where learning is taking place gives schools and districts the ability to begin to actually personalize learning. And because this data is collected in real time teachers and stakeholders have the chance to eliminate the achievement gap altogether.
  • Avoid vendor lock
    • If a school or district happens to switch vendors the data on their learners moves with them. Not only LMS data, but all your learning data across whatever learning experience your instructional designers dream up. The same goes for learners. If a student graduates or a teacher leaves for a different institution they can take their data with them thus extending the life of the data record. This is possible because the xAPI learning specification allows LRS's to 'talk' to one another. This means LRS's can share data and reports with one another so an individual's learning data will follow them wherever they go.

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