What Gen Z learners expect from education

What do the learners of Generation Z demand of their education experince?

When school leaders and administrators begin to think about the needs of their students it's helpful to consider kind of experience your students will expect. 

The students of today, Generation Z, have vastly different expectations of their education than generations past. Different than the Millenials, their immediate predecessors. 

Let's look at some facts about Gen Z students and how you can use those facts as a filter to select the proper learning management system (LMS) for your school that best meets your students expectations.


Facts about Generation Z

We've touched on this before but to reiterate, some important facts about Generation Z students, both now and in the near future, are:

  • They view technology as a given, not as some add on or bonus. It is a necessity to them
  • They are extremely social and group oriented (i.e. they are always connected!)
  • Their media consumption habits are different. They access YouTube between two and four hours per day, while only watching an hour of traditional television
  • They are more entreprenurial minded and have a stronger desire to make a difference in the world than do Millenials

What this means for you

Sticking with the above points, how should those facts influence the LMS you decide to adopt at your school?

  1. Technology in the classroom: To put it plainly, you have got to have it. In order to prepare your students for higher education and a professional career they must begin to use, and learn with, technology as an integral part of their education. Whether it means purchasing Chromebooks for your classrooms or getting started with Blended Learning. Incorporating technology in your schools and classrooms is the first place to start.
  2. Chat integrations and sharing capabilities: Today's learners are connected to friends and groups of people all the time. Plus they are 3x more likely to answer a chat message than an email. So administrators need to ensure that their LMS seamlessly integrates with social platforms and online chat clients. Gen Z-ers also like to collaborate with one another so grouping and file sharing capabilities are crucial.
  3. Learning in one place: Today's learners have the internet which is a foundational part of their education. They know how to self-educate and find information by chatting with friends, getting help with math concepts on Khan Academy or YouTube and doing their own research. Your LMS must to be able to work with and then bring all these tools into one place for a more dynamic and streamlined learning experience.
  4. Informal and formal data collection: Gen Z students care about being ready to enter the professional world. It has been well established that up to 70% of our learning comes from informal learning experiences. Using a learning management system that collects those informal learning activities can help your teachers and school leaders gain a more complete picture of their students, which can be used to provide assistance at the right time and can also be used to prepare each student to the next step in their educational experience.

Generation Z students present teachers and administrators with unique challanges that we haven't had to deal with before. 

But the same technological advances that present those challanges have also given us a way to meet and even exceed the expectations of today's learners.

Want to find out how? 

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Matt Phillip Senior Marketing Manager at Thrivist, LLC