Why have a Learning Record Store?

You know what a Learning Record Store is but why do you need one?

learning record store

That’s a quote from an outstanding blog post by the good people over at Learning Locker where they explain why a company or organization would need a Learning Record Store (LRS).

It’s a broad and basic quote for sure but, in our minds, is extremely applicable within the context of education.

Why do educators need an LRS?

The call for personalized learning is getting louder and louder. There are entire conferences devoted to it. Mark Zuckerberg is investing in it. There are lots of products devoted to it.

It’s not going away and technology like the LRS allows us to embrace this coming shift in education.

By collecting and analyzing learning data about their students and teachers, stakeholders are then able to track what students & teachers learn and how they perform.

Questions that can be asked of the collected learning data include:

  • What are the results?
  • How are our learners engaging with the provided content?
  • Are we teaching the right things?
  • Does specific content affect a learner’s results?
  • And so many more...

As teachers, administrators and stakeholders answer those questions and then take corresponding action the magic really happens. They will be able to build profiles for each of their learners and based on those profiles, adapt each person’s future experience to their preferred learning style.

In other words personalized learning.

K-12 institutions all over the country have troves of data just waiting to be used in an impactful, effective way. Storing, sorting and sharing learning data with an LRS, is the best way that schools can set their students and teachers up for success.

Why are we doing this?

At Thrivist, we are pioneering this way of looking at learning data because it ultimately is in the best interest of the learner.

We want learners everywhere to thrive. Giving teachers and administrators the power to adapt a learner’s future experience based on their past performance gives learners everywhere the best chance at success.

And if we have students and teachers achieving like never before our future becomes incredibly bright and a lot more interesting.

Want to get in on this? Reach out and drop us a line. We can’t wait to hear from you.